We all know that happy people do things better, more creative, more efficient.
You probably remember how happy you were when your lover [?] woke you up in the morning or how you feel about finding good news, how easy everything become. That’s how every person feels. That’s how your employees or collaborators feel, because they are also people. So, when was the last time you asked your employees if they were happy, if they came to work dear fully, if they like what they do, how does their wife/husband/ children feel? We have no doubt that you know that without them you cannot have a profitable business, that people are the most precious resource for your business. But not any kind of people, just the people who come to the office happy, who know they can come to you with new ideas, who feel satisfied and appreciated, not only through words but also through your actions. There are many things you can do for people who work for and with you: from time to time a frugal breakfast in the office, movie tickets, a flower from the flower shop on the way to the office for the women coworkers.
These small gestures communicate that you care and can be done without too much effort. If you want to have a unified, friendly team, to get to know each other better, then you have to help them, challenge them to do something new together. You can organize a teambuilding for a few days. A challenging one, to open new perspectives, to discover new skills, to discover themselves and discover each other. After such an experience, you will have not only a motivational, creative, but friendly team,you will have employees who will understand to be near to you and support you more than you can anticipate.
Make people happy around you!

We can help. That’s what we’re doing. And we love it because, as Maya Angelou said, „people will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will not forget how you made them feel.”

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