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We reached the part which is making our soul better. Like it or not, we are connected to each other. Your story is linked to someone else’s story, either parents (without their story you wouldn’t exist), either friends (without their story you would be a bit alone), either your kids (without your story they wouldn’t exist) and so on. We cannot live happy alone. We were not created being alone, thus it would have been the man and the planet, not all on the same planet. It is written, somewhere in our being, to be together, to take care of each other.

That’s what MagiCAMP does. It takes care of children diagnosed with cancer and leukemia and children in vulnerable situations. MagiCAMP does concrete things: raise donations for families in financial difficulty while confronting cancer, develop social and entertainment programs for children with oncological illnesses (the MagicBox project and MagiCAMP summer camps), opened a consulting line for families needing support in the long and painful journey from diagnosis and treatment to recovery.

For children with cancer, children who have suffered severe burns or who have lost someone and need specialized therapy, MagiCAMP has built, in Branesti, Dâmboviţa, a camp where children regain at least part of their childhood.
The latest MagiCAMP project is MagicHOME – the home away from home for the parents of children diagnosed with cancer. A renovated home for parents who spend their life in a hospital chair near the children’s bed. All this happens because there are dedicated people who understand that being close to you is to progress. We speak from the volunteer experience and we will be glad to tell you too!
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We organize corporate events and obviously, we desire to reach the heights of success, but not at all costs. We want to enjoy our trip and admire the landscapes until we’ll reach our destination.


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